Hello, my name is Britney Paterson and I am the founder and creator of Love & Bambii and all it's products!

My journey actually began at the Coachella Music Festival where I made a custom outfit for myself after realizing I couldn't find something that I loved in a  local store. During the festival I received so many compliments and requests to take photos that I decided to create another outfit and sell it online just to see what the response might be... what was once a little custom costume shop that I started with my mom quickly blossomed into what is now my exclusive brand, Love & Bambii.

To this day, all of our unique items are 100% custom handmade to order, each piece is as individual and beautiful as you are. My boutique company's ethos has always and will always be derived from spreading positivity and putting a little bit of light in people's lives.

Every bit of our branding features special messaging and is completely eco-friendly too. I use only 100% recycled and recyclable packaging so all my customers can feel really good that your purchase will never negatively impact the environment.

As a wonderful addition to our current handmade designs I have recently launched our kids division, Bambii & the Fox which you can now enjoy shopping right here alongside Love & Bambii.

I also want to thank my incredible mother who without her, Love & Bambii would not exist. You were the push I needed to start this company and I would not be where I am today without you!

I'm so excited to be sharing my new online store with you and I sincerely look forward to creating beautiful things for you to wear and love. 

xx - Britney